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Targeted Analytics does the magic of converting a pile of data tables into something that makes sense to you and other stakeholders in your business: performance report, results dashboard, presentation of findings - you name it!

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We will carry the weight of your Excel sheets!

We are pretty sure your business and your challenges are unique. Our skill is ability to learn them. Our result is a solution tailored to your business. For a good start, shoot us an email telling what is on your mind!

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Analysis = done

You have data and questions that should be answered by these data. We listen to your questions, take your data and deliver you the answers in the format you need.

Regular reports

We take data and deliver result. On time, in the right format, with the required regularity. Our skills allow us to make it effective and efficient.

Ad hoc

Our experiences and skills allow to execute valuable ad hoc projects for our customers, so sometimes we manage programs, perform researches or build business plans.

Our principles:

Seek first to understand, then to be understood

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler

One step at a time is good walking

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Some examples of what we successfully do:

Asset management

Small size fund managers do not need to keep an analyst on payroll. They rely on our regular analysis and reporting package, created to fulfill the needs of both managers and investors wishing to see performance, balances, distributions and more.

Sales origination

Distinguishing profitable sources from cash draining campaigns can be a dreadly task in e-commerce. We make sense of the data tables and provide the merchants and marketers with analysis including customer lifetime value estimates.

Survey results

Any extensive survey of customers or employees provides the researcher with huge tables that need to be analyzed, segmented and presented. We take tens of thousands of different type entries and convert them into understandable reports.

Outside the box, not "out-of-the-box"

Our solutions are tailor made - we make our tools to fit your business, not your business to fit our tools. We believe that half of the value we provide to our customers is created in the process of learning the needs.

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